Deer Hunts with Honey Creek Outfitters

Archery and Muzzleloader deer hunts at Honey Creek Outfitters.

Land & Terrain

The Land & Terrain: We have over 11,000 acres of upland hardwoods and creek bottoms for your hunting adventure with 4000 of those acres in corn and soybeans. There is also approximately 2000 acres of C.R.P. land mixed between the crops and timber which makes an excellent recipe for mature bucks. All acres are on private property. No public hunting grounds.

Stands/Blinds: Tree stands and tower blinds are set up and ready to go when you arrive. However, if you have a stand that you are extremely comfortable with and want to bring with you, you may do so. Stands are set up on several funnels and bottlenecks connecting bedding areas with food sources and also along crop field edges.

Photos & Past Hunters: Each season we update our galleries with our successful customers. Check out our updated photo galleries:

Fair Chase: All hunts are 100% fair chase with absolutely no high fences. This is real hunting.

**NEW FOR 2019!!!!   WE WILL BE "ARCHERY ONLY" STARTING FALL 2019!!   THE NOVEMBER RIFLE SEASON WILL BE ARCHERY ONLY ON OUR PROPERTIES!    You will still have to purchase a Missouri firearms permit and wear blaze orange but firearms will NOT BE PERMITTED.   However, we will still hunt the late December Muzzleloader season with muzzleloaders!  The Missouri archery tag will not work for the November firearms season!

We are trying to take our hunts to the next level as far as maturity of animals harvested and rack score.    An ideal buck harvested will be in the 5.5 - 8 years of age range.   This will definitely improve the quality of animals harvested in the years to come!!  It's not rocket science------If you want large, mature bucks then you have to let them grow to reach their full potential.    We thank you for your understanding AND support!    We've had nothing but excellent, positive feedback and we thank you!   We are definitely excited about our future and quality of hunts to come!

**UPDATE for 2019 deer seasons:  Minimum score requirement for any buck harvested is 135".  Any buck harvested that has a gross measurement less than 135" will incur a $500 fine due immediately.

Crossbows are allowed as legal method during archery deer and turkey seasons.

Missouri Whitetail Hunting Season Dates

Season Opens Closed
Firearms Deer (BOW ONLY!!) Nov. 11, 2023 Nov. 21, 2023
Muzzleloader Deer Dec. 23, 2023 Jan. 2, 2024
Archery Deer Sept. 15, 2023 Jan. 15, 2024

All Missouri tags are over the counter. NO DRAW!! Season dates are subject to change according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.


Semi-guided 5-day Archery hunt

  • Early season (Sept.15 thru Oct. 31) - $2,200/hunter
  • Pre-rut (Nov. 1 thru Nov. 10)          - $2,500/hunter
  • Post-rut (Nov. 26 thru Dec. 23)       - $1,800/hunter

Firearms season (ARCHERY ONLY!!)   NOVEMBER 11-21 2023

  • Semi-guided 5-day hunt       - $2,800/hunter

Muzzleloader/Alternative Hunting Rates    DECEMBER 23 - JANUARY 2

  • Semi-guided 5-day hunt         - $3,000

Note: All deer hunts include lodging.   Meals and tags not included.

Deposit: 50% non-refundable deposit by cashiers check, money order, or Venmo is required to lock in dates with balance due upon arrival.  We do not accept credit cards.

Youth Discounts: 25% off any hunter 15 and under.